Can You Do Anything With Scratched DVDs Other Than Throw Them Away?

We have already known scratched DVDs as useless and with no efficient use that will not give us any a headache while we try to open or operate it. We all know that when DVDs are scratched, the process of reading the date inside to transform it into a form of readable information makes the data damaged that the reading process makes the visualization quite blurry and is chunked into annoying pieces of data that are being interpreted and shown on the screen. However, there is a way to salvage these DVDs that are scratched and not ending up throwing still useable equipment that has important information in it. There are different ways to remedy and salvage those disks.

Minor Scratches

If we talk about minor scratches on your disc, it is automatic that you can salvage or fix it in your own homes. There are different materials using a single method in order for you to save the disk and not ending up being thrown away in the weekly garbage collection and be wasted knowing that it still has a use.


You can remedy these minor scratches using some materials or substances you can use in your home that can save most of your worn-out and damaged DVD collections of Bon Jovi or The Beatles. All you have to prepare are:

  • Eyeglass Cloth
  • Furniture Cloth or Polish
  • Metal Polish
  • Window Cleaner
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothpaste
  • Petroleum Jelly

Using all of the ones enumerated above, you need to clean the surface of the DVD that is being read or interpreted by the DVD players or by your computer or laptop using the stated cleaners, polishes, or cloth. The next thing to do is apply some cleaning substances such as water or alcohol (not preferable because it can damage your disk). Some other cleaning substances or filling substances such as baking soda, petroleum jelly, and toothpaste shall be used after the clean to fill off the scratches on the DVD surface. After that, all you have to do is to wipe again the surface and clean it as before. You will then see that the scratched DVDs no longer have any scratches or damages.

Look for Experts

Well, when we talk about the experts, these are damages that are almost beyond repair but you really need the important data inside. All you can do is to seek professional help. These professionals or experts are really well experienced and well educated about retrieving data from damaged DVDs and at the state of requiring advanced equipment and advanced methods only experts can execute.

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